Baltimore Architecture Foundation Event January 6, 2024

Join the Baltimore Architecture Foundation at Zion Church of the City of Baltimore on Saturday, January 6, 2024, at 2 pm, to learn about stained glass in Baltimore’s homes, civic buildings and houses of worship, including the windows that adorn the church.

Linda Rabben, anthropologist and author of Through a Glass Darkly: The Social History of Stained Glass, will share her research on the social, economic and cultural contexts of this traditional art and craft, as well as the people who made and still make the windows. A diverse group—including Charm City buffs, decorative-arts aficionados, architects, historians, artists and crafters, students, city planners, social scientists, civil rights activists, and stained-glass makers—will view these feasts for the eye and hear the stories they tell. 

Zion Church of the City of Baltimore, host of the talk, is featured in the book’s text and images. Church member Bernard Penner will share additional information about Zion’s history and its stained-glass windows.

Through a Glass Darkly: The Social History of Stained Glass will be available for purchase at the event (cash sales only).
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