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Freddy Herbert


            This being my first message as Council President I turned to Bernie Penner’s last message for guidance.  What struck me is his father’s quote: “Pray. Have Faith. But keep on rowing”.  And row we must.  Zion has many, many challenges in front of us -- a declining membership, an aging building and a challenging budget.

             On the other hand, we have many talented, generous and dedicated members.  We have built a wonderful reputation for hospitality, music and worship.  Combined, these attributes have established Zion as a home of German culture in Baltimore.  That being said, we all need to commit time and talent to find ways for Zion to grow.  We need to let the community know that we are open for business.

            At a recent meeting of Committee Chairmen the phrase “We need to make sure we are all rowing together” kept coming up.  Truer words have never been said.  At one time, I did row crew.  That required eight individuals to work in tandem, putting their oars in the water at the correct depth and time, all pulling together.  When that didn’t happen, the boat’s momentum was lost.  We need to build our team to work as one and win the race.

            I’ve been very happy with the input from our committee chair people.  They are setting goals and figuring out what to do to accomplish them during the year.  We are starting small but each goal reached builds on the next which collectively produces a greater and noticeable outcome. 

            As we wish Pastor „God speed“ and „best wishes“ on his sabbatical, we realize that there is work to be done on our part in his absence.  The Sabbatical Committee has done a wonderful job in planning for the worship services and plans are in the works for managing his many other pastoral responsibilities and duties.  Lastly, I urge you as a member of the Zion family to use this opportunity for introspection, reflection and development. 

            Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or ideas. Prayerfully consider jumping in the boat and joining a committee!  I’m looking forward to a wonderful year here at Zion.


Noreen “Freddy” Herbert

Letter from the Treasurer

Patricia Vogt
Dear Members of Zion:
As your newly elected Treasurer for 2014, I plan to make it my priority to oversee the expenses of our church.
This is going to be a challenging year for our congregation and with the help of our finance committee, a great group consisting of : Pastor, Claude Bowen, Pat Myers, Bonnie Brobst, Tom Morris and Stephanie Taylor and our council, we will keep a watchful eye and will make every effort to improve on our financial situation.
Starting in early spring, it is our intent to publish the income and expenses for our General Fund in the bulletin to keep you regularly informed.
Please reach out to me or anyone on my committee for any concerns.
Pat Vogt

Sabbatical Leave 2014 Update
Dr. Karl H. Schuleri

“And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.”
—Matthew 14:23

“To gather with God’s people in united adoration of the Father is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer.”
  ― Martin Luther

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Pastor’s Sabbatical is just a few weeks away!  On March 23rd, the congregation of Zion Church will send off Pastor Roggelin to his sabbatical after a bi-lingual service and congregational meeting. The Sabbatical Planning Committee has worked closely with the Staff Support Committee and the Worship and Music Committee on practical organizational matters, and to establish adequate supply worship services during Pastor’s absence.
Sabbatical leaves are considered part of spiritual growth for pastors as well as the congregation. The sabbatical period, the actual absence of Pastor, and his return with renewed ideas and energy provides our congregation an opportunity to grow, discover strengths and realize our weaknesses. At this time, Zion Church is more than ever dependent on the active participation of its members in the church’s life. On Pastor’s return there will be an important time to share our experiences, and develop a strong vision for the future of Zion Church.                                  
The Sabbatical Planning Committee provides answers to the most common question asked related to Pastor’s Sabbatical below. We decided to do this a Q&A format. The answers were developed in close collaboration with Pastor Roggelin, and are based on the book Clergy Renewal: The Alban Guide to Sabbatical Planning, by A. Richard Bullock and Richard J. Bruesehoff (The Alban Institute 2000).
I am looking forward to the array of preachers who will pass through our pulpit during Pastor Roggelin’s absence and to hear their unique way of sharing our faith, and I am looking forward to our congregation’s reaffirmation as a strong, independent church body.   Zion Church is blessed to have such a gifted and committed pastor. I am happy that we were able to offer him this wonderful opportunity for rest and renewal.
In Christ,

Dr. Karl H. Schuleri - Chair of the Sabbatical Planning Committee

Who will lead worship during Pastor’s absence?
The Sabbatical Planning Committee was able to secure a number of  different visiting Pastors, who will lead worship and preside at Holy Communion from March 30 to July 12 in both the German 9:15 AM service and the English 11:15 AM service. Once a moth we will celebrate a joint bi-lingual service starting at 9:15 AM followed by coffee hour. Music Sunday on May 11th will be celebrated with a “musical sermon”- a program of choral pieces in both Sunday services.
The Sabbatical Planning Committee decided toask different preacher to supply the pulpit during Pastor’s absence with the goal in mind to provide the congregation the opportunity to grow and discover new aspects of spiritual and church life.
We will start the supply services with a bi-lingual service on March 30th led by Pastor Tom Davison.
Our Bishop Wolfgang Herz-Lane will celebrate both Easter Sunday services with us.
The Sabbatical Planning Committee is happy to report that we found supply preachers for all English 11:15 AM services and bilingual 9:15 AM services. At this time we are still trying to find supply for 4 German 9:15 AM services, and we actively working. We are also considering the possibility of lay leaders from the congregation to lead worship at 9:15 AM in the form of  a “Morgenandacht” ,if  no adequate German supply preacher can be found. Please, see a tentative worship schedule below. The Sabbatical Planning Committee will provide more information on the supply clergy in the upcoming weeks and during the sabbatical.

Wednesday services will be conducted by Katie Kluckman-Ault and Alexandra Mattern-Roggelin during Pastor’s absence.

Tentative Worship Schedule:

9:15 AM - German

11:15 AM - English

Lent 4 (bi-lingual)


Tom Davison

Lent 5


Cordula Schmid-Waßmuth

Marina Flores

Palm Sunday


Ursula Schreffler

Ursula Schreffler

Maundy Thursday (7:00PM)



Gary  Rickel

Good Friday (3:00PM)


Alexandra Mattern- Roggelin




Bishop Wolfgang Herz-Lane

Bishop Herz-Lane

Easter II


Alexandra Mattern- Roggelin

Marina Flores

Easter III (bi-lingual)


Tom Davison

Easter IV


Music Sunday

Music Sunday

Easter V


Cordula Schmid-Waßmuth

Ron Reaves

Easter VI



Liz Yates

Easter VII



Gary  Rickel

PENTECOST (bi-lingual)


Gary  Rickel



Anke Deibler

Anke Deibler

2 Pentecost



Liz Yates

3 Pentecost


Ursula Schreffler

Ursula Schreffler

4 Pentecost


Anke Deibler

Anke Deibler

5 Pentecost


Tom Davison


Who will cover pastoral care needs when Pastor is gone
– and what happens if we have a pastoral emergency?

People are encouraged to notify the church office, during regular office hours, of needs for pastoral visits.  Either a lay person from the congregation or a Pastor from one of our neighboring congregations will make these visits, depending on the situation.  Hospital calls are being covered in the same way, and there will be a regular schedule and assigned members for calling on our shut-ins. Local pastors are ready and able on a rotating schedule to provide urgent pastoral services in Pastor Roggelin’s absence. Please, see a tentative supply schedule below. In addition, the church office secretary, Ellen Lichtfuss, knows which pastors or other resources in the area are available for emergencies. A phone number for emergencies will be provided on the church answering machine.

Week starting on

PASTOR for pastoral emergencies

Week starting on

PASTOR for pastoral emergencies


Lee Hudson


Pr. Margaret Herz-Lane


Fr. Michael B. Guy


Arwyn Gohl


Lowell Thompson


Christ Lutheran Pastoral Staff


K. Robert Schmitt


Jacob Simpson


K. Robert Schmitt


Bill Gohl


Neil O’Farrell

06/22 - 06/29 07/06

Dale Dusman


Don Burggraf


Garry Dittman


Mark Parker








Special Events Committee
Leslie Trageser

 Zion’s calendar is full of upcoming events.  Please join us and be part of Zion’s wonderful team of volunteers.  Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome – you can either call or email the Church Office, or call or email Leslie Trageser (410.882.5540 or lnt@shapirosher.com). 
Being a special events volunteer is a great way to support your church, connect with others and our community.  We promise you a rewarding sense of accomplishment.  Remember, Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers, and the Titanic was built by professionals.  Share your time and talents and be part of the future of Zion. 

Door Ministry Project
At the beginning of 2013, the Door Ministry’s coffers were abundant with two financial gifts of $5,000 each from two outside funding sources.We were truly blessed in 2013. Unfortunately, for 2014 these two resources are not available. Given these circumstances, the committee asks you,
Zion membership & Friends of Zion, to continue your giving tot the Door Ministry. We have not changed our services as we continue to provide the availability of 50 brown bag lunches Monday through Friday throughout the year. Our cost per lunch is 94 cents which provides:  1 can of Vienna sausages, 1 pudding cup, 1 package of peanut butter crackers and 1 drink container.  We continue to serve upwards to 12,000 lunches per year.  Allow us to continue to serve the poorest of the poor who come to our door daily.  Please, continue your generous giving.

While shopping for Door Ministry food supplies at B. J.’s in January a lady shopper approached me and asked:  “Why are you buying so many boxes of Vienna Sausages? Do you like them that much?” I informed her of Zion’s Door Ministry Project and we both went our separate ways. About 15 minutes later she approached me in another aisle. In her hand was a twenty dollar bill which she gave me for our Project.  I thanked her, she smiled and we parted.  God is so good.  He moves within each of us to share with one another.  Isn’t this a good example.

Lenten Season Project
Last year the “Buck - a - Chick” Project was such a hit with both children and adults that we plan to repeat it again this year. In 2013, we provided $600+ which purchased 600+ baby chicks. According to the ELCA this purchase was a “best seller” among many churches. A gift of 10 chicks to an impoverished family brings the potential for eggs which result in nutritious, protein-rich meals for families who are hungry. The many extra eggs are often enough to allow a family to start a small business by selling them for additional income.  The ELCA GOOD GIFT CATALOG provides a variety of barnyard products along with other life-sustaining services that promote self-sufficiency. Let us continue to give a generous Lenten offering and exceed our 2013 contribution. God has bestowed so many treasures upon us so that we may share with those in dire circumstances.


The Advent Season 2013’s “Christmas - at - Sea” Project was a great success. We collected ample funds to purchase the 25 gift packages for members of a crew anchored in the harbor. The captain of the ship was both pleased with the number and quality of the gifts. Many of his crew are from the Philippine Islands and have not been home since prior to the massive typhoon that devastated that country. Christmas 2013 was predicted to be a soul-searching time for his crew as they continued to worry about their families in their homeland. Their next port of call was to be in Europe upon their departure from Maryland. Two letters of thanks are posted on the bulletin board near the church office.  Many thanks to Zion’s membership for generously providing the funds for this annual event.

Committee Membership
The Social Ministry Committee membership consists of: Pastor Roggelin, David Tabler (Chairperson), Lewis Bringman (Liaison to Church Council), Vicki Bringman & Steven Brown. Contact David Tabler if interested in joining this committee.

NOTE:  A more comprehensive report of all of 2013 Social Ministry projects will be presented at the March 2014 Congregational meeting.


Dear Fellow Members of Zion:
The Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund, Ltd. is having a Fish Fry on March 28, 2014
and we need your help.

If you are able to volunteer some time it would be greatly appreciated. Help is needed on Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday, March 26-28, 2014.  Please contact me if interested at (410) 252-1091 for further details.

Thanking everyone in advance for supporting our first fundraising endeavor to honor the late Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch.

Very respectfully,
Ralph E.L. Vordemberge, President
The Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch Memorial Fund, Ltd


Of Historical Note
Mark Duerr

Zion Church Again Featured in Latest Baltimore Brewing History

Rob Kasper, former food and drink columnist for the Baltimore Sun, has published his tribute to Baltimore’s brewers, past and present, in his new book “Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing.” As with Maureen O’Prey’s earlier publication, “Brewing in Baltimore”, Kasper prominently features Zion Church during the early development of the brewing industry in the City. The book mentions the brewers’ benevolence toward Zion over the years and includes a picture of our baptismal font donated by brewer Frank Steil in 1905. In fact, the book dedicates an entire appendix to Zion, listing the dozens of local brewers who were members of our congregation starting in 1755. The appendix also highlights the Bauernschmidt family of brewers who, as Zion members, were a Baltimore brewing dynasty from the mid-19th century through the beginning of Prohibition in 1920.

As with the O’Prey book, Zion member Mark Duerr provided Mr. Kasper with much of the documentation concerning the “Brewers’ Church.”

“Baltimore Beer” is available at local book stores and through on-line purchase.


Brewing in Baltimore
Submitted by Leanne Stack-Martin

When Maureen O'Prey's book, Brewing In Baltimore, was published last year, Zion Church received a great deal of very positive publicity and attention. Details of Zion's early history and its relationship with most of the brewers throughout the city, is well documented, and beautifully illustrated, in pictures as well as in Ms. O'Prey's comprehensive commentary. She acquired photos and illustrations from a number of sources, and she expressed her appreciation to Mark Duerr for his assistance and his many contributions to her research.

Upon its release, there were favorable reviews on sites across the internet, and in many major newspapers, most notably The Baltimore Sun and The City Paper, and Zion Church was also prominently featured in all of them.

Readers have found this little book to be delightfully nostalgic and informative, but apparently, quite a few people have not yet read it, because they've had trouble getting ahold of a copy, and if you are among the latter group, I have come upon a website you may want to check out.

It's sponsored by Google Books, and visitors are invited to view this book on screen, at no charge. It's set up in its original format, from the cover page and Introduction through page 91, and every one of the many images... illustrations, photos and drawings are also included.

There's one rather interesting aspect of this particular site, I'd also like to mention. You can, of course, access it by typing in the URL, but if you try to find it, using your Google Search Engine, don't type in the author's name or even the name of the book, beause this webpage won't be listed! However, if you type in Mark Duerr - Baltimore, it's the second listing on the page, and it's titled: Brewing in Baltimore - Google Book Results books.google.com/books?isbn=073858813X Now, that is special! Thanks, Mark!