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On October 5 at 10:15 the Sunday School Room will be buzzing with the children of Zion beginning the new session of Sunday morning Christian Education.  Volunteer teachers have been meeting and planning exciting sessions for three different age groups of children.   After joining together for opening devotions the youngsters will divide into three classes. 

The PreK through First Graders will meet in the Nursery for activities and instruction revolving  around Jesus as friend, teacher, helper, and savior.  The Second  through Fifth Graders will meet in one of the Sunday School Rooms cubicles to study a collection of Bible stories  and promises that reveal Godís love for all people.  These children will  grow in their skills in using their Bibles.   In another cubicle in the Sunday School Room the Sixth through Eighth Graders will be exploring key elements of  faith and how our faith impacts  daily life.  They will see how Godís Word  is relevant in their constantly changing lives.

It is hoped that all of Zionís children will participate in the Sunday morning activities.  All the children who are on our church rolls will be invited to come on October 5 to begin the Sunday School sessions; it is hoped that parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and neighbors of children who do not have a church home and family  will bring the children to Sunday School.  Zion is not a neighborhood church; children must depend upon adults to bring them to the Lordís house.  Please register the children in your life for Sunday School and talk with them about Zion.   The church is our family and we want our children to be comfortable here.


Sunday School is for every age because human beings are life-long learners.  While the children are in the Sunday School Room the adults will be meeting on October 5 at 10:15 in the Adlersaal to begin a new course of study entitled HALLELUJAH!  Biblical Texts From Handelís MESSIAH.  This course is designed to parallel the structure of the oratorio itself.  The first part deals with the prophecy and birth of the Messiah.  Part two reflects on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the third part anticipates the redemption of the world through faith.  The sessions will follow the flow of the libretto.  All who love music will find this a very interesting study; because this is one of the best loved musical compositions.  The music will serve as an avenue into the biblical texts on which MESSIAH is based.

You do not have to be an expert in either music or the Bible to benefit from this course.  The only real requirements are that you have:

A genuine interest in learning more about the Bible
A desire to appreciate Handelís MESSIAH more deeply
A commitment to read and study the materials provided for each group session

Here is an invitation to both CHILDREN and ADULTS to come to Sunday School at Zion on October 5 at 10:15.




The German Language School offers an opportunity for children and adults to get acquainted with the German language. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students from September through April. We also offer summer programs in conversational German and travellers' German.


2008 - 2009 Registration: Registration for fall classes will be held at the church
on Saturday, September 6, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Details

German Language School Link


What are the characteristics of a Christian in the twenty-first century?   How are Christians called to witness in this confusing period of time?

 Our resident theologian, The Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch, has written a book that may provide some guidance for us.  This book will be in print in the early fall.  The ideas in this book have already been presented  in Houston, Texas, New York City, and Copenhagen, Denmark; now the people of Zion will have an opportunity to meet with thoughtful, seeking Christians and the author to discuss pertinent issues in the light of the Lutheran tradition.


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