The Historic Scheib School
gegründet 1929 established
The German Language School offers an opportunity for children and adults to get acquainted with the German language. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students from September through April. We also offer summer programs in conversational German and travellers' German.


The German Language School will offer “CONVERSATION I and CONVERSATION II”
CONVERSATION I : Is for students with some knowledge of the German language
who want to practice and improve their speaking ability.
DATES: Monday evenings, June 23 -- July 28, 2014
TIME: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
COST: $ 75.00
CONVERSATION II: Is for students with a strong background in the German language.
DATE: Monday evenings, June 23 -- July 28, 2014
TIME: Class will meet every Monday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
COST: $ 75.00

Children's Classes, September 2014 through May 2015

Adult Classes, September 2014 through May 2015

For all inquiries we invite you to contact the Principal, Mrs. Eva Kelleher (410-377-9508), or the church office (410-727-3939). You can reach us by email at 
For photos of the school's Christmas program, 2007, click HERE.

    Zion is a Proud Member of the German Language Schools Conference
Zion is a Proud Member of the 

German Language School Conference

Part of a Rich Educational Tradition
The German Language School, as it is known today, was founded in 1929 as a continuation of the Zion Church scholastic tradition. The school received a favorable response and enrollment in the thirties reached over 200 students. The first principal, Miss Elsa Conradi, achieved world recognition with her delightful textbook which was used not only in the German Language School but also in German schools in many other countries.

Throughout the years, there has never been a lack of competent and high-quality teachers. In the late 1950's, the German Language School started a class for adults. Due to the high level of interest among adults, at present the adults in the school outnumber the children.

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