Classes for Children, September 2014 through May 2015



This class is designed for three and four year olds
where one parent speaks German to them, but English is the dominant language at home. In this class the children have the opportunity to increase their vocabulary and speaking skills through songs, finger play and games that are suitable for three and four year olds.


Children 5-6 years of age are taught the language through games, songs, and verses. Activities such as drawing, coloring, some writing, and memorizing short rhymes will be introduced.

Erste Stufe:

A continuation of the Vorstufe, as well as a beginner's class for new students ages 7-9. Correct sentence structure, reading, and vocabulary building are stressed.

Zweite Stufe:

A continuation of the first two levels and designed for children 10-12 years old. Emphasis is again on conversation, vocabulary building, grammar, writing and memorizing small poems.

Dritte Stufe:

Only for students who have successfully passed the previous classes. This class stresses correct sentence structure, grammar, writing, and reading. The textbook is "Wir lernen Deutsch" Band I. This class will be conducted entirely in German.

For all inquiries we invite you to contact
the Principal, Mrs. Eva Kelleher (410-377-9508)
or the church office (410-727-3939)

Private lessons for adult students and children can be arranged.


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