Erwachsenenklassen - ADULT CLASSES  


For students with little or no previous instruction in German. Emphasis is on correct sentence structure, vocabulary building, grammar, and conversation by a more rapid approach. The textbook is
"Themen 1 aktuell". A matching workbook is also available.

Advanced Beginners

Is a continuation for adults of the previous class. Students will use the second book "Themen 2 aktuell". A matching workbook is also available. Emphasis is again on conversation, vocabulary building, grammar and correct sentence structure.


Students build on the knowledge gained from earlier classes. This class stresses correct oral and written grammar, vocabulary building, reading and conversation. Additional culturally interesting reading material will also be used.


For students who have taken the earlier classes and who have a strong background in the German language. This class will be conducted entirely in German. Students are encouraged and assisted in writing compositions. In addition, there will be general grammar review, reading and discussion of culturally interesting material. Textbook is "Mittelstufe Deutsch".


If there is enough interest, there will be a literature class for students who are fluent in German. The minimum enrollment is eight students.

For all inquiries we invite you to contact
the Principal, Mrs. Eva Kelleher (410-377-9508)
or the church office (410-727-3939)

Private lessons for adult students and children can be arranged.


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