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The Zion Choir Today:
The Zion Choir is a mix of paid and volunteer members that practice regularly with Music Director John Heizer

History of the Zion Choir:
At one point Zion had an all paid choir and later after English services were introduced there were two choirs, one German and one English. Recent decades have allowed one adult choir that sings for both services.

The Zion Church Organ:
Music Director John Heizer shares information about the condition and plans to restore the organ.

The Zion Choir Schedule:
The Choir Schedule for the coming months is below.  

The Choir Archive of performances during the last few years is also available.

New Organ Before Installation
New Organ Before Installation (Follow Progress Here)

G= German       E= English Service

January 12                                                                                         G/E
Christ unser Herr – J. Schein
From God the Father – English folk tune

Sunday, January 19              no choir, new organ installation

January 26                                                                                         G/E
#28 Mein Herz dichtet – H. Schütz
Hear the voice and prayer – T. Tallis

February 2                                                                             E
When to the Temple Mary went – Johannes Eccard
Senex puerum portabat – William Byrd

February 9                                                                                         G/E
Exsultate justi in Domino – Viadana
All glorious God – Richard DeLong

February 16                                                                                       E
Be unto me - Byrd
King of glory, king of peace – H. Friedell

February 23                                                                                       G/E
Lobet den Herren, alle Heiden - Gallus Dressler
Teach me, O Lord - Attwood

March 2                                                                                              E
O nata lux – Thomas Tallis
Quicumque Christum quaeritis – T. L. deVictoria

March 5 - Ash Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. service
Purge me, O Lord, from all my sin – Thomas Tallis
Schaff in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz – J. P. Krieger 


March 9                                                                                              G/E
Repeat from Ash Wednesday
Bist du Gottes Sohn – Andreas Hammerschmidt

March 16                                                                                            E
Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt – Melchior Franck
Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake - Richard Farrant

March 23 one service 9:15 a.m.
Miserere mei, Deus - William Byrd
Surely he hath borne - G. F. Handel

March 30                                                                                            E
Schaff in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz – J. H. Lützel
Psalm 23 – Martin How

April 6                                                                                                E
Timor et tremor – Francis Poulenc
A Litany – William Walton

April 13                                                                                              G/E
Christe, adoramus te – Claudio Monteverdi
In monte Oliveti – A. Bruckner
O vos omnes – T. L. de Victoria

April 17, Thursday,  7:30 p.m. service
O sacred feast – H. Willan Ubi Caritas – M. Duruflé

Ave Verum – W. A. Mozart

April 20, Easter                                                                     G/E    
Königin des Himmels – H. Schroeder
Sing ye to the Lord – E. Bairstow

April 27                                                                                  G/E
Zu Dieser Österlichen Zeit – J. Eccard
This joyful Eastertide – arr. Wood

May 4 one bi-lingual service at 9:15
Königin des Himmels – H. Schroeder [repeat from Easter]
O sacred feast – H. Willan


May 11           Church Music Sunday                                  G/E
Lobet den Herren, alle Heiden - Gallus Dressler
Christe, adoramus te – Claudio Monteverdi
And I saw a new heaven – E. Bainton
Schaff in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz – J. H. Lützel
Sing ye to the Lord – E. Bairstow

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